T-shirt design for 'Dazed' and 'grolsch brewery'

detail of the transparent T-shirt
This project was commisioned by Fashion magazine 'Dazed' Korea.It was a collaboration between 'Dazed' and 'Grolsch Brewery'. Dazed magazine sent a bootle of Grolsch beer and whit T-shirt to six artist, and artist were asked to complete T-shirt design following  inspiration they received from the bottle and the taste of the beer. 
It is a my work that symbolizes the organic relationship between a rigid bottle and a fluid, soft beer in it. A light green bottle reminded me of natural scene where butterflies and flowers were.I expressed the unique curve of the metal cap by cutting the tee into the shape of a curve and created a transparent space inside the T-shirt, in which butterflies flew and a flower bloomed.​​​​​​​

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