Now, we are living in the era of the disappearance of seed-diversity where 63% of plant species and 94% of vegetable species disappeared globally. The same phenomenon has occurred also in Korea. After recognition of the seriousness of this environmental problem, I’m on the project exploring the diverse beauty of indigenous seeds visually.
As a visual artist, the way I research and report native seeds is totally different from the way environmentalist does, which would preferably be the chance to spread this issue to the people so indifferent to keywords such as ‘Eco-friendly’and‘farming’ that had few chances to know this issue.
These facial expressions are composed only with native bean-species in Korea.This is a simple image taken for fun but still shows ‘multifariousness’ Mother Nature has by nature, which has been disappearing and must be preserved.

My own graph
I have found mathematical image in natural scene. This image was made with a landscape-photo that I took in person. In order to make this graph, I just only selected some portion in a circle shape and turned it over.
How to store your stuff in nature 'Bismarck Palm'
Bismarck Palm + Tourist Postcard
Study Botany : Research on patterned species
T-shirt design for 'Dazed' and 'grolsch brewery'
Blue silkscreen
These are flat cards made with silk screen to express beautiful blue which is not expressed by offset printing. Also known as Yves Klein's Blue, it is blue with a color that is close to the color between Ultra Marine and Royal Blue.
Drawing with cosmetics for 'Dazed'
I was commissioned by Fashion magazine 'Dazed and confused' Korea to paint a picture with cosmetic products. 'Dazed' povided me with makeup products of S/S season such as eyeliner, rouge and eyeshadow. It was highly enjoyable project to me in that I was able to draw something with such a soft texture and delicate . vivid colors of cosmetics.
Eyeglasses studies
It was my goal to make sculptures only with things on my desk. After experimenting with a few kinds of stuff on my desk, I opted for eyeglasses to deepen this study. Since the items were used by me, I had to fix and arrange them without glue. Therefore I chose to put things on the flat surface or bind them with a bit of material on the desk.
Madame Butterfly
These are butterfly-artworks made of real butterfly specimens, interpreting and shaping the message given by butterfly through its shape and pattern.
My own graph
I found a pie graph in my daily life.
pink paintings
collecting pink images from my works
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